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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yea, But would they be good at climbing Ninja Warriors' Mt. Midoriyama?

and as far as home made ninja warrior courses are concerned, I'm pretty sure the ingenuity of these kids showcases quite the imagination. It is also a prime example of what any group of 9-yr.-olds left alone are up to. Do any of your childhood homes have a better setup of obstacles?


Staudly said...

that kid is gonna break the door on his parents refrigerator

HammyBiscuits said...

that kid is a little punk. We played ground is lava one time at 900 from the living room to the kitchen. We all survived and that kid would have died lots of times.

as for those firefighters...holy shit.

Javier said...

Ground is Lava, holy goodness I forgot the game existed. Probably going to play in the near future.