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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Star Wars Where's Waldo

Mos Eisley becomes the nexus of all science fiction realities in this giant print from artist Ulises Farinas. How many out-of-place characters can you find? Scifi characters invade Tatooine, Where's Waldo-styleFarinas is selling extra-wide prints of this Easter egg hunt on his website, and I hope he includes a list. Check out the full-sized version to seek out a Terminator, the Tenth Doctor and his TARDIS, Spock, Batman, Superman, a LEGO minifig, and a whole host of other characters who don't belong in the Star Wars universe.
But seriously, is Waldo somewhere in this picture? Someone tell me; it's driving me nuts.
Edit:Ulises Farinas just tweeted that he doesn't actually remember if he put Waldo in this piece or not. Thanks for not alleviating my current insanity, Mr. Farinas.
[Ulises Farinas via Geeks are Sexy]