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Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Check this, a band making three album series loosly based on the first six NES Mega Man Games

...Creamed your pants just reading that title eh? Well the band is Protomen. And I have been getting in to them lately and advise you check them out, One of their band members is named K.I.L.R.O.Y. and literally his instrument description is "Fist pumps, Hand claps, Armorer and Sledgehammer", but if you check their live footage, he is the narrator that talks to the crowd before shows. First two albums are already out: (via wikipedia)

Act I (The Protomen)

In Act I, the band's first album, Dr. Wily is represented as an Orwellian ruler over a dystopic City, full of humans who are too scared to stand up to his control. Dr. Light creates a "perfect man, an unbeatable machine", Protoman, to fight to free the City, but Protoman is destroyed by the overwhelming power of Wily's armies. Defeated and despairing, Dr. Light then creates a second son, Megaman, who he attempts to dissuade from battle. Megaman runs away from home and confronts his brother in an apocalyptic concluding battle. The album has been described by the band as "the sound of the end of the world" and straddles the line between chiptune and hard rock, with heavier focus on distorted 8-bit synthesizers and electronic instrumentation.
Group member Commander has stated that Act I "was made specifically to go against everything our recording teachers and fellow students were trying to feed us about making everything sound pristine and 'perfect.'".[6] The album was recorded over two years in various Murfreesboro studios, using analog rather than digital production techniques.[9] "Due Vendetta", the group's first recorded track, was completed in April 2003. The album was produced by then-Protomen member Heath Who Hath No Name.

Audio quality is bad, but you get the idea.

Act II (Act II - The Father of Death)

For the band's second album the group, working with Meat Loaf producer Alan Shacklock, devised a prequel storyline to Act I. The second act details the rise of Albert Wily to power, the rivalry between himself and Thomas Light, and the tragic events which brought the City under Wily's control. The band states that Act II was designed to sound cleaner, reflecting a time "before the bomb dropped". Accordingly, the second album reflects a much broader range of musical styles and more lyrical instrumentation, embracing references from Ennio Morricone to Bruce Springsteen to Shacklock's own Babe Ruth. The album was mastered by Richard Dodd, a Grammy-winning recording engineer.

Skip Kill Roy's speech if you wish to get to their music.


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