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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blowin a ton of shit up with dry ice. A TON OF SHIT!

Dry Ice vs. a Cinder Block

It's gonna' blow.

This is how your fish escaped.

Fire in the Hole...Err Lake

The British are coming.

As if New Orleans hasn't already been through enough.

And then the soda bottle was gone.

Always knew Mountain Dew was good for something.

No more pool. Oh, wait...still there.

And, finally, here's the obligatory girl in a tank top blowing up a water cooler


Tenerence Love said...

I'm willing to bet that every one of these was filmed in the south.

I'm pretty sure the triple Mt. Dew vid was actually a Drano bomb cause the guy is pouring out of a liquid plumber bottle.

Alex Staudinger said...

it was either the south, or a BDHS track practice. ben reifenberg for the win

oifish said...

i want to punch that chick at the end in the face